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  1. Sonia Camilleri & Alessio Oldani

    Hello Jessica,

    It was nice meeting you and your family at the De Stefani winery last Tuesday.

    Hope you got a safe trip back nome.

    We just checked out your blog and we would like to encourage you to continue, like this. Good work keep it up!

    Sonia & Alessio

    • Hey Sonia . . . so happy that we got to meet you and Alessio on Tuesday! I just got back to the states and am getting settled. I will make sure to email you soon and am looking forward to be in touch. Plus, I will get working on a couple of BBQ recipes for Alessio!

  2. Jess-
    Everything looks so good! Great photography and commentary. Now i’m jealous that I don’t have a trip planned. Will continue to follow your trip and really get instired!
    … carol

  3. Love your blogs…please make potato pancakes for me! Haven’t had them since my Polish grandmother made them….

    • Thanks Pat! Would be happy to make them for you? We should also take you to this great Polish restaurant in South Boston! See you soon!

  4. Wow….just read your review of Island Creek Oyster! You and Tommy were the perfect people to win this gift certificate. I want to go there!!!! Glad Tommy was able to support Jenn Newcomb at her fundraiser….

    • Pat – It was SO good. I can’t believe the quality of the service, food and wine. I was happy Tommy could be there too! It is a fun event for a great cause.

  5. OKÔÇŽare you done???? or just busy???? Merry Christmas in any case!!!

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