Mushroom, Greens, Basil and Cheese Omelet

Red Flannel Hash and Eggs (Restaurant Recreation)

Santa Fe Style Eggs Benedict (Restaurant Recreation)


Stuffed Clams

Squash Blossoms

Roasted Tomato Caprese and Fire Roasted Caprese

Panzanella Salad

Italian Chopped Salad

Portuguese Chorizo and Kale Soup

Lobster Bisque

Fried Green Tomatoes

Pico de Gallo Salsa


New England Clam Chowder

Shrimp Caesar Salad 

Vietnamese Tofu Pho

Chicken Noodle Soup

Pear and Parsnip Soup


Beet, Goat Cheese and Arugula Salad with Slivered Almonds

Beet Salad with Goat Cheese, Hazelnuts, Fresh Basil and Arugula

Perfect Pesto



Tri-Color Peppered Pasta

Mushroom, Pea and Beet Greens Pasta with Truffle Butter Sauce

Linguini alla Vic Damone (Restaurant Recreation)

Fava Bean Pasta

Rigatoni al Filo di Fumo (Restaurant Recreation)

Farfalle ai Due Salmoni (Restaurant Recreation)

Lemon Pasta with Steamed Asparagus

Rainbow Chard, Chickpea and Tomato Pasta

Shrimp Scampi over Linguine 

Mushroom and Fried Sage Fettuccine 

Spaghetti Bolognese

Grape Tomato and Arugula Pasta

Rosemary Chicken Pasta (Restaurant Recreation)

Butternut Squash Lasagna 

Spicy Avocado and Arugula Pesto

Mushroom Bolognese 

Fresh Linguini with Roasted Tomatoes and Arugula 

Homemade Pasta and Tomato Sauce

Linguine with Almond Butter Crunch Sauce

Cacio e Pepe

Goat Cheese and Beet Filled Ravioli with Wilted Arugula 

Italian Sausage and Zucchini Ragu with Goat Cheese

Bucatini with Turkey Meatballs


Mushroom and Taleggio Pizza

Prosciutto and Cheese Pizza with Fresh Arugula

Mushrooms, Peppers and Italian Sausage Pizza

Five Cheese Pizza

Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

Thai Chicken Pizza

Margarita Pizza

Shaved Brussels Sprout Pizza with Pancetta, Pecorino and Red Onion

Buffalo Chicken Pizza


Thai Lettuce Wraps (Restaurant Recreation)

Herby Grilled Fish

Southwestern Corncakes

Tomato and Goat Cheese Pie/Quiche

Spicy Basil Tofu with Sticky Rice

Gruyere and Pancetta Quiche

Farro and Italian Sausage Stuffed Peppers

Pork Paillards with Sour Cream Paprika Sauce

Chicago Style Italian Beef Sandwiches

Polenta with Mushrooms, Peppers and Italian Sausage (Restaurant Recreation)

Blue Cheese Souffle

Butternut Squash Risotto

Osso Bucco

Potato Pancakes (Latkes)

Shrimp and Grits

Seared Scallops in a Buerre Blanc Sauce

Chili Rellenos

Tamale Pie

Shrimp Paella

Southern Fried Chicken

Baked Shrimp Scampi

Shrimp Tacos with Homemade Flour Tortillas

Roasted Pork Chops with Sauteed Lima Beans

Eggplant Parmesan

Grilled Chicken in Lemon Herb Marinade 

Swordfish with Citrus Beurre Blanc

Mussels a la Julia Child

Spanakopita (Greek Spinach Pie)

Apple Wood Smoked Pulled Pork

Beer Can Chicken

Risotto with Strawberries, Roasted Asparagus and Goat Cheese

Chipotle Inspired Burrito Bowl (Restaurant Recreation)

Grilled Chicken with Heirloom Tomatoes and Sauce Vierge

Stuffed Poblano Peppers with Chicken, Black Beans and Corn

Fried Polenta with Wild Mushrooms (Restaurant Recreation)

Lobster Pot Pie


Homemade Refried Beans

Kale Chips

How to Prep and Cook an Artichoke

Sweet Potato Rounds

Pomme Frites/French Fries

Cocktail Party Food:

Roasted Shrimp Cocktail

Blue Cheese Walnut Shortbread Crackers

Fig, Gorgonzola and Prosciutto Crostini

Ham and Grueyere Cheese in Puff Pastry

Pesto Dip

Vietnamese Summer Rolls (Better than Takeout)


Roasted Shrimp and Tomato Orzo Pasta Salad

Lobster Rolls

Roasted Vegetable Sandwhich


Rum Cake

Italian Cream Cupcakes

Apple Pie

Scratch Made Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting


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